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Steel plate heat treatment furnace

Forever has a team of experienced experts in the induction heating industry, specializing in customizing Steel plate heat treatment furnace for you. The computer-controlled steel plate heat treatment furnace automatically realizes feeding, heating, and unmanned operation throughout the entire process. The comprehensive power control model ensures the temperature control accuracy of the steel plate heat treatment furnace.

Function of Steel plate heat treatment furnace : Temperature PLC closed-loop control system, as long as the quenching temperature of the steel plate is set, the induction power supply power can be automatically adjusted through American Raytheon infrared temperature measurement (the power supply power is within the adjustable range, the higher does not exceed the total power of the design power supply, and the lower is not less than 20% of the total power of the design power supply). Through the touch screen, the online monitoring system function is achieved, and the quenching and temperature curves can be viewed in real time, Quenching water temperature and quenching water flow rate, and save online real-time data to the touch screen. The steel plate heat treatment furnace has uniform heating and high production efficiency. The quenched steel plate does not produce cracks, and its toughness, hardness, and other related conditions meet national standards.


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