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Billet induction heating furnace


Pipe length Not limited
Process Quenching, tempering, annealing
Quenching temperature 920-930℃

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We are one of the leading manufacturers of round steel continuous heating equipment in China, dedicated in researching energy-saving technology for medium frequency induction heating power supply for more than 17years


Name:Round billet induction heating furnace, round billet induction heating equipment
● Round billet diameter: 0.5-2.0 inch
● Heating Temperature: 900-1200℃
● Production Capacity: 2000kgs/h

No. Specification Quantity
1 KGPS760KW/4000Hz MF Power Supply 1 set
2 Capacitor Cabinet 1 set
3 GTR Ø30xL Inductor(3 segments) 1 set
GTR Ø60xL Inductor(3 segments) 1 set
4 Roller Table(four) 1 set
5 Storage rack,the length is 6 meters 1 set
6 Feeding rack including transmission roller,the distance is 500mm between two rollers,the length is 6 meters 1 set
7 Infrared thermometer 1 set
8 Remote console 1 set
9 Product qualification certificate and maintenance instruction



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