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Oil casing induction heat treatment machine

Oil casing induction heat treatment machine


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Forever Oil casing induction heat treatment machine  is special unit for casing heat treatment and water quenching. 

The casing specification

Item Casing specification Length/m
Diameter/mm Wall thickness/mm 6-10
1 60.3 4.83
2 60.3 with upset 4.83
3 73 5.51
4 73 with upset 5.51
5 88.9 6.45
6 88.9 with upset 6.45

Steel grade: J55,N80,L80,C90,T95,P110,Q125 

Standard: API Spec 5CT 

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The main technical parameters for Oil casing induction heat treatment machine

1.The way of charging and discharging: longitudinal feeding and transverse discharging.

2. Quenching medium: water;

3.Quenching method: outside spraying + internal spraying, rotary quenching;

4. Quenching capacity: 90% martensite after quenching

5.Temperature after quenching: less than 100 ℃;

6. Quenching uniformity: Sampling to do hardness test after quenching as per API. Sampling any part on the pipe, the hardness difference should be controlled in HRC3.0.

7.Straightness: End straightness is less than 2mm / m, full length is less than 0.002L

8. Mode of operation:Set automatic, manual and adjustment for the pipe heat treatment furnace; which is adjustable for equipment maintenance and commissioning;

9.Functions to achieve: picking material, feeding, retaining water, rotation, compression, outside spraying, inner spray,empty water.

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Capacity requirement for heat treatment furnace for casing

Item Product name Casing pipe Specification Hourly capacity
1 Outer diameter/mm Length/m PCS/Hour
2 Casing with upset ø60.3 6-10 25
3 Casing with upset ø73.02 25
4 Casing with upset ø88.9 25

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