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Surface quenching furnace for shaft

Surface quenching furnace for shaft


Shaft size ø16-25 mm
Shaft length 3000-4000mm
Control system PLC control
Process Surface Quenching 

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Forever surface quenching furnace for shaft is used for various sizes of shaft surface quenching, also can be used for sway bar, grinding rod surface quenching. Automatic loading & unloading device of surface quenching furnace for shaft has achieved unmanned operation, which reduce labor greatly.

Technical parameters for Surface quenching furnace for shaft

Product name Surface quenching furnace for shaft
Brand Forever
Material Carbon steel
Shaft size ø16-25 mm
Shaft length 3000-4000mm
Control system PLC control
Process Surface Quenching 
Power required 160kW

Complete induction quenching furnace for Surface quenching furnace for shaft:

IGBT Power supply, Ferrite hardening transformer, Inductors for hardening, Stainless steel water spray ring, Storage and receiving platform, NC hardening machine, transmission device.

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Advantages of Forever Surface quenching furnace for shaft

●  The body structure is firm: The cylinder, pneumatic components, transmission mechanism and the pressing mechanism are fixed on the feeding rack.

●  The control cabinet can be customized according to customer requirements, which is using relay circuit control mode or PLC + touch screen control mode.

●  Automatic material turning, frequency control feeding, automatic heating, automatic discharging, temperature detection, power adjustment and parameter storage and other functions.

●  High-strength bed design, transmission device has features of high precision & high stability

●  IGBT IF power supply to ensure consistency of product quality.

●  Forever induction quenching furnace can be available for part surface quenching or through quenching as per users’ requirement.coucustomer vistingcompany

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