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Long Shaft Hardening Equipment

Long Shaft Hardening Equipment


1.Induction heating power: DSP+IGBT ,Intelligent induction heating power,saving energy 10%-15% ,no pollution.

2.Process monitoring screen and Data logging and Archiving

3.Application:Hardening many kinds of metal shaft ,no matter the shaft size.

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Long Shaft Hardening Equipment for shaft, rod, pipe,slab hardening

Forever company provides a full range of induction heating equipment as well as related induction heat treatment equipment having applications in a wide range of fields.

Long shaft hardening equipment is a typical application of induction heating equipment.In the process of the long shaft,The hardening equipment is an important section.

The main components of the Long shaft hardening equipment:




IGBT Power supply


1 set

Ferrite hardening transformer


1 set

Inductors for hardening

T2 cooper 

2 sets

Stainless steel water spray ring


1 set

Power supply connection line (from power supply to hardening transformer )


1 pair

Storage rack and turning rack


1 set

CNC transmission machine


1 set

NC hardening machine


1 set

Material receiving rack


1 set

PLC console

with10 inch color touch screen)

1 set

All the above-mentioned data’s are the standard values without allowance for the customer specifications or conditions.If you want to buy the equipment, please tell me your specifications and conditions,our company will offer you the special design and solution for you.

Working process  of the Long shaft hardening equipment:

Storage rack-automatic turning material- transmitting material-hardening heating- spraying- material receiving.All the process except for manual crane loading can be finished automatically controlled by PLC. And all the productive process can be recorded automatically.

In order to make sure the long shaft can rotate on the roller and ensure uniform heating and water spraying,we specially design two sets of three roller device to meet long shaft rotation rate requirement.

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