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Steel ball rolling heating furnace

Steel ball rolling heating furnace


1.Available Power:100KW-8000KW

2Available Frequency:500Hz-8000Hz

3.Heating Diameter:Ø20-150MM

4.Steel bar length is unlimited.PLC Closed-Loop Control;Unmanned Control Process of Automatic Feeding and Heating.

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Main technical parameters of steel ball rolling heating furnace:

Power supply system: KGPS200KW-6000KW or IGBT200KW-IGBT2000KW., Hourly output 0.2-16 tons Raw material: B2 B3, B6, 70Cr2, 751mcr, 651m, 60mm, GCr15, 40Cr, 45 # sensor design: variable pitch, temperature gradient design, more efficient.
Elastic adjustable pressure roller: enables uniform feeding of round steel bars with different diameters, and the roller tracks and pressure rollers between the furnace bodies are made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled infrared temperature measurement. An infrared temperature measurement device is set at the discharge end to ensure that the temperature of the steel bars before entering the rolling mill is consistent. Energy conversion: Heating to 930 ℃~1050 ℃, consuming 280-320 degrees Celsius. Provide a remote operation console with a touch screen or industrial computer system according to user needs.

The working process of the mechanical system for the steel ball rolling heating furnace: The mechanical action of this complete set of steel ball rolling heating furnace is controlled by PLC, and only manual placement of materials on the storage rack is required. All other actions are automatically completed by the system under PLC control.
Manual placement of materials in the storage rack, automatic material continuation device, material continuation device in front of the furnace, clamping roller feeding device in front of the furnace, heating inside the furnace, clamping roller discharge, rapid discharge, infrared temperature measurement and temperature control – entering the steel ball rolling mill

Advantages and characteristics of steel ball rolling heating furnace:
1. Low oxidation decarburization: Heat is generated inside the heated workpiece, with fast heating speed, high efficiency, and less surface oxidation decarburization, which can save a lot of raw materials.
2. Uniform heating temperature and pollution-free: The air-cooled variable frequency power supply can accurately detect changes in load current and achieve closed-loop control of output power. Even with external voltage fluctuations, it can maintain constant output power and temperature stability.
3. High degree of automation: High level of intelligence in power supply, precise temperature adjustment, automatic tracking of frequency conversion, adaptive load variation, automatic power adjustment, and other intelligent advantages. One click start, automatically completing heating work without the need for personnel on duty.
4. Continuous automated production: Frequent replacement of steel with different specifications and varieties to adapt to different production processes. After variable frequency and load, there is no need for personnel adjustment. The entire line cleaning and process adjustment are simple and fast, meeting the needs of medium and large batch production.



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