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Aluminum Bar Heat Treatment Equipment

Aluminum Bar Heat Treatment Equipment


1.Induction heating power supply : DSP+IGBT ,Intelligent induction heating power supply,saving energy and no pollution.

2.Process monitoring screen and Data logging and Archiving

3.Non-standard Product:Customized design and production.

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Aluminum Bar Heat Treatment Equipment for aluminum bar heating

Forever company focus on producing the quality induction heating and heat treating equipment by the  flexible induction heating solutions for long-life performance. Our company’s aluminum bar heat treatment equipment gives you the flexible heat treating solutions for different size aluminum bars.

The features of the Aluminum Bar Heat Treatment Equipment :

1.100% load design, continuous 24-hour work. This equipment  can be equipped with infrared temperature measurement to achieve automatic control of temperature.  Improve the heating quality and  simplify manual operation.

2.With the  function set for  heating – holding – cooling three periods time to obtain a desired heat insulating. The function can adapt to batch, repetitive heating places.

3.With over-current, over-voltage, under water, less-phase, and other inappropriate load status display to supply  greater reliability and durability.

4.The heating time ,holding time and cooling time can be independently adjusted,so it can effectively control the heating curve and the heating temperature then more applied to the high repeatability of the workpiece heating and rapid heating

The main advantages  of  Aluminum Bar Heat Treatment Equipment :

1.Heating fast: the fastest heating less than 1 seconds, and the heating speed can be adjusted to control.

2.Energy saving: thermal efficiency up to 95% and thus compared with other heating methods (such as gas, oxygen, acetylene, coke, furnace, tube) are saving.

3.High efficiency: the equipment  has an automatic setting function, the operation can be finished by a person thereby reducing the process and improve efficiency.

4.Small footprint: equipment, small size, small footprint, easy to install and maintain.

5. Environment protection: no noise, no pollution and fire, and fire more easily meet environmental requirements.coucustomer vistingcompany

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