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Steel Ball Forging Production Line

Steel Ball Forging Production Line


Raw material: B2, B3, B3, B6,70 Cr 2,75 Mncr, 65 Mn, 60 Mn, GCr 15,40 Cr, 45 #
Energy conversion: heating to 930 degrees Celsius-1050 degrees Celsius, power consumption of 260-280 degrees.


Production capacity is 0.2-16T / h

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Steel ball rolling heating furnace adopts new energy-saving air-cooled IGBT induction heating power control, which can be connected to the power supply, low power consumption, professional technology, free induction heating equipment quotation scheme consultation. Yuantuo non-standard customized steel ball rolling heating production line high-tech enterprise, professional manufacturing experience of more than 20 years.

In 2009, the company has independently developed and completed the 2500KW steel ball rolling heating production line, and the first 6000KW rolling heating equipment in China in 2014. The production power can range from 160KW to 2500KW, frequency of 500Hz-8,000 Hz, heating diameter of 19-150, according to the length.

The innovative design of Yuantuo steel ball mill has the following characteristics:
1, rolling machine using semi-closed frame, seat good steel;
2, simple adjustment, easy to operate;
3, firm lock, high stability;
4, the guide plate replacement is simple and fast, high efficiency. It provides a guarantee for the stable, high efficiency and high quality operation of the steel ball rolling heating production line. The rolling mill has no electric side pressure adjustment device, which is convenient to replace the roll, and the rolled product has high precision.

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