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steel billet induction heating machine for forging

steel billet induction heating machine for forging


Material 45C-TS & 42CrMo
billet size 60-150mm
Bar length 50-200mm
Control system PLC control

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Forever Professional R&D and manufacturing billet forging furnace, a powerful formula management system, high production efficiency, the newly developed fully automatic intelligent billet induction heating equipment than the old energy saving 10-30%, 365 days free maintenance and technical services, life-long maintenance, high-quality forging furnace forging, so that you can trust the product!


Electric induction billet heater for forging

Equipment brand: long extension mechanical and electrical equipment name: forging billet induction heating furnace

steel grade material: Q235qCU Q345qN Q245RZA32A32D32A36D36 and other

billet dimensions: (6mm × 6mm)-(500mm × 500mm)

billet length range: 2 meters or more

delivery period: 30 days

transportation mode: free steam Transport or sea to the site of the buyer


The characteristics of Billet forging heating furnace are:

1, high heating speed, less oxidation decarbonization.

2. The man-machine interface PLC control program, high humanized operation indication, all digital, high depth adjustable parameters, Simple operation.

3. Input and output system: non magnetic stainless steel material, corrosion resistance, long service life, cylinder, Light screen switch and other components adopt well-known domestic brands.

4. Steel billet forging induction heating furnace is controlled by American Leytai thermometer to display the current billet heating temperature in real time, and the heating is more uniform. The finished product rate is high.

5. The steel billet after heat treatment has no crack and no overburning phenomenon.

6. The steel billet treated by the induction heating furnace of forging billet has strong toughness. vistingcompany


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