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Surface quenching furnace for bar

Surface quenching furnace for bar


Material Carbon steel
Shaft size ø100 mm
Shaft length 2000-5000mm
Control system PLC control

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Forever surface quenching furnace for bar can be customized produced as per user’s requirement such as quenching depth, quenching temperature and running speed etc. Manufacturing more than 100 sets of surface quenching furnace for bar make Forever has rich experience on the bar surface quenching process. Welcome to send us inquiry.

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Product name Surface quenching furnace for bar
Brand Forever
Material Carbon steel
Shaft size ø100 mm
Shaft length 2000-5000mm
Control system PLC control
Process Surface Quenching 
Power required 500KW/1000HZ

induction quenching furnace for bar

Complete line for Surface quenching furnace for bar

●  Medium frequency induction heating power supply: It has functions of load frequency adjustment, which can used for heating more size of bars. The performance is reliable, no need to repair at least 5 years.

●  Bar storage platform: The length is made as per bar’s length. After starting the induction quenching furnace system, it will turn the bars automatically to the transportation table.

●  Transmission device: The roller tale is made of 304 stainless steel, especially our new design ceramics roller can protect part from wearing. The roller and part will have “18-21″ degree angle, which is helpful for bar uniform heating. At the same time, all the shaft will be through into water for cooing to extend its service life.

●  Induction heating system: The induction heating coils are made of superior copper tube, and the coils length and distance is calculated by our experienced engineer to make sure we can get the best heating efficiency.

●  Quenching tank: There is meter to show the water pressure and temperature. The operator can monitor the dates at any time. All the tank is made of stainless steel to avoid rusting.

●   Remote console: The technical parameters including heating time, heating temperature, running speed will be set on the console. After starting the system, it will run as per the setting parameters.

●  Receiving platform: We can also add automatic rejection function to select the unqualified bars.

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