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Automatic feeding long billet induction heating furnace

Automatic feeding long billet induction heating furnace


Material steel billet
Suitable for 60*60-240*240 billet
Process Induction heating for rolling

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Forever electromechanical specialty produces Long billet induction heating equipment furnace, long billet inductance heating furnace should adopt conveying roller type, workpiece automation, heating temperature is uniform, long billet induction heating electric furnace adopts infrared temperature measurement closed loop control system. Accurate temperature control. IPC system realizes automatic memory and storage of working parameters, improves production efficiency and product quality.


long billet induction heating system should be reheating furnace with intermediate frequency power supply its characteristics:

1. Full digital control: with high control accuracy and high reliability

2. Voltage and current double closed loop control system to ensure the stability and reliability of the system.

3. Square billet electric heating equipment perfect protection system: overvoltage, overcurrent, lack of phase, insufficient water pressure, high water temperature and other protection to ensure that heating equipment in the event of failure do not damage components.

4. Operation characteristics of high power factor: the efficiency and power factor of the whole square billet induction heating equipment are operated at a higher value.

5. Perfect external control interface: can easily achieve external temperature and other closed loop control.

6. If power supply startup performance is high, completely eliminate the problem of startup failure. 7. The square billet electric heating furnace has good load adaptability and can work in a wide frequency range without adjustment of if power supply parameters.


The quality assurance and technical service of the square billet inductor should be reheating furnace:

1. The quality assurance period of the power supply and other electrical appliances of the device is one year (the customer is responsible for the spare parts mailing fee), 30 days from the square billet inductor should heat the equipment out of the factory

2. The seller shall ensure that its equipment is properly installed, Be durable after reasonable operation and maintenance, and be responsible for defects or failures caused by design, process or materials during the warranty period. In the event of such occurrence, the seller shall respond within 8 hours. As soon as possible after receiving the buyer’s notice, Party A shall make a response and arrive at the user’s site in time to assist in the repair and handling of the steel billet electric heating equipment beyond the shelf life. Party B shall be responsible for all the required expenses and Party A shall charge the fee reasonably.

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