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Medium frequency billet induction heating machine

Medium frequency billet induction heating machine


Material steel billet  square steel
Suitable for 60*60-240*240 billet
Process Induction heating for rolling

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Billet hot-rolling heating system long-distance electromechanical manufacturing, using advanced technology, imported high-quality materials. Superior performance, high efficiency and energy saving. The hot rolling induction heating equipment adopts advanced technology, perfect after-sale, the electric heating furnace of hot rolling billet is praised by the majority of users. Trustworthy! Can be customized according to your needs. Welcome new and old users to visit the factory inspection!

billet heating machine

The Billet induction heating furnace uses induction heating power to control its characteristics:

1. There is no high harmonic interference: the high harmonic comes mainly from the burr voltage produced by SCR when the rectifier part is adjusted, which will seriously pollute the power grid. As a result, other equipment can not work normally, but the energy-saving IGBT intermediate frequency power supply is voltage source inverter, rectifier

2, part of the full bridge rectifier, rectifier thyristor will be fully conduction IGBTs if frequency modulation, inductance and capacitance filtering, The rectifier circuit uses thyristor to realize soft start and stop. Since the thyristor can be fully switched on in normal operation, the DC voltage always works in higher, unadjusted conduction angle. Starting and stopping have no big current shock, so the high order harmonic is minimized, does not pollute the power grid, does not interfere with the operation of the electronic equipment in the factory.

 3, high starting power: because of the series inverter technology, it is easy to start and solve the problem of thyristor if startup thoroughly. The high success rate of billet heating furnace can be achieved. The products have high reliability: the main components are made of IGBT transistors produced by famous factories in the world. The product has advanced technology, reasonable result, convenient debugging and maintenance, reliable performance, and has many kinds of quick and automatic protection functions, such as water pressure, water temperature, lack of phase, overcurrent, underpressure, repeated start, etc., which ensures the stable and reliable operation of the modified product.

 4, the billet heating equipment has high stability: the products of our company adopt the components produced by the international brand company, the product cooling system adopts the internal circulation cooling, the internal circulation is soft water, the long-term use of the equipment water path does not form scale, does not block, Equipment built in air conditioning, components always work in the appropriate temperature, greatly reduce the failure rate, ensure the stability of the whole machine, save maintenance costs.


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