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Billet preheating furnace for rolling

Billet preheating furnace for rolling


Billet size ø25-32mm
Billet length 12 m
Heating Temp.: 1100 ℃

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PLC controlled  billet preheating furnace for rolling is used for square or round billet heating before charging rolling mill. Featuring high heating efficiency, uniform heating, no crack, no harmonic, Forever billet preheating furnace for rolling is accepted by the customers from home and abroad.

Technical parameters for Billet preheating furnace for rolling

Product name Billet preheating furnace for rolling
Brand Forever
Billet size ø25-32mm
Billet length 12 m
Temperature after induction billet heater: 1100 ℃

Billet preheating furnace for rolling introduction

● Power supply system:The complete set of equipment consists of four power supplies, the total power is 4000KW.

● Power supply composition:   KGPS1500KW/1000Hz     KGPS1250KW/1500Hz

                                                         IGBT750KW/10KHz        IGBT500KW/20KHz

● Inductor design: Variable pitch, temperature gradient design, which is more high efficient.

● Pressure setting roller: Making different diameters of round steel bar feed at the uniform speed. Rollers between the furnace are made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water-cooled, and other parts of the roller is made of 45 steel and the surface is hardened.

● Infrared temperature measurement : Setting infrared temperature measurement device at the discharge, so that the steel bar temperature can be controlled in the allowed range before charging into the rolling machine.  

▲ Energy transformation: The power consumption is 260-280 KW/H for heating each ton of ø25-ø36 steel bar to 1000℃.

Billet preheating furnace for installation and commissioning

1,The buyer should be responsible for lifting, power supply during installing process.

2.The seller will send experienced technician to guide the installation, commissioning and personal training.

3. The final acceptance of induction billet heater will be conducted at the buyer’s site, The acceptance items includes configuration and control system stability, mechanical stability and appearance, burning performance and heating effectiveness. vistingcompany

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