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Steel Billet Heating Equipment

Steel Billet Heating Equipment


1.Induction heating power: DSP+IGBT ,Intelligent induction heating power,saving energy 10%-15%.

2.Process monitoring screen .

3.Application:Heat Treatment and Heating for many kinds of metal parts.


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Steel Billet Heating Equipment for rolling billet

Forever company  provides different types of steel billet heating equipment with good quality and  best service.

The  Equipment Technical Features:

1.Small harmonic wave but high power factory.

2. High successful starting rate.

3. The control loop use the forth control board (single board) and the key components are imported . The whole number and no-relay control loop make the system running stable and reliable. 

4 There are over current,over voltage,less voltage,lacking phase and water pressure protections to make sure the equipment running smoothly.

5. The multi-position structure make it easily to replace the furnaces according to different workpiece heating requirement.

6. The direct voltage is 900V and the IF voltage is 2500V, so the total rated output power is 9000KW.

7. It is very easy to operate the equipment so the maintenance charge is low.

8.6 phases 12 pulse.

Processing Technology and Technical Parameters of the steel billet heating equipment:

1.Steel range material need to be heated:Carbon steel,alloy steel

2.Steel billet heating capacity:25t/h(On the basis of 20 working hours per day and the production capacity is 500 tons per day.)

3.Temperature before sending billet to the furnace:Room temperature

4.Steel billet tapping temperature:According the customer’s requirement

5.Steel billet dimension:According the customer’s requirement

6.Steel billet Max. Camber before sending to the furnace:≤3mm/M

7.Control for heating process: PLC automatic control for the whole heating process and show the production records such as the  number of billet heating and so on.

8.Heating every tons of steel billet will cost electricity 350 degrees from room temperature to 1100℃.Conservative Design: 9000KW power which consists of three sets of 12-pulse power cabinets  of  3000KW.

9.Equipped with United States Raytek infrared temperature measurement devices in the inlet and outlet of the furnace.

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