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Induction bar heater for steel ball rolling

Induction bar heater for steel ball rolling


Bar size ø60-80mm
Bar length 6000mm
Heating Temp. 9000-950 ℃

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Forever is specialized in manufacturing induction bar heater for steel ball rolling for 13 years,and we will produce 20 sets of induction bar heater for rolling every year.This induction bar heater is widely used for steel ball forging and steel ball rolling.

Technical parameters for Induction bar heater for steel ball rolling

Product name Induction bar heater for steel ball rolling
Brand Forever
Bar size ø60-80
Bar length 6000mm
Temperature before charging induction heater: Room temperature
Temperature after induction bar heater: 9000-950 ℃
Capacity 2-2.5 ton/h

Supply scope for Induction bar heater for steel ball rolling

No. Machine name Specification Quantity
1 IF power supply cabinet KGPS750KW 1 Set
2 Medium frequency capacitor cabinet 1 Set
3 Induction billet heater GTR Ø60 & 80 1 Sets
4 Connection cables and copper bar   1 Piece
5 Remote control console Power supply start, stop, temperature display ; closed loop control, PLC touch screen for   automatic control,  1 Set
6 Closed-loop temperature control system with infrared thermometer 1 Set
7 Bar storage platform 1 Set
8 Automatic feeding and transmission device 1 Set
9 Roller transportation device 1 Set

Working process of equipment mechanical system:

The mechanical action of the complete set of equipment adopts photoelectric automatic control, and the rest of the actions will be finished by photoelectric automatic control system except the workers put the bars on the storage platform.  coucustomer vistingcompany


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