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Sucker rod quenching furnace

Sucker rod quenching furnace


Product name Sucker rod quenching furnace
Brand Yuantuo
Material 29Mn5, 25MnCr, 25CrMnMo, 25MnV 

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oil pipe hardening and tempering furnaceFor sucker rod quenching furnace, our company have already successful cases for practical application. The sucker rod quenching furnace has achieved automatic loading, heating, quenching and discharging. We can also design sucker rod end heating furnace and tempering furnace as per user’s requirement.

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Product name Sucker rod quenching furnace
Brand Forever
Material 29Mn5, 25MnCr, 25CrMnMo, 25MnV 
Bar diameter ≥ø20mm
Process Quenching, tempering, annealing
Quenching temperature 920-930℃
Power required 100-5000KW

sucker rod quenching line

 Sucker rod heat treatment equipment features:

1. No need to adjust the parameter for different size of sucker rod heat treatment. The power supply will automatically adjust the production parameters for different load.

2.Temperature closed-loop control through infrared thermometer detection, which can automatically adjust the power of intermediate frequency equipment in real time and provide users with accurate power control.

3.PLC control system, automatic feeding, heating, discharging during the whole process.

4.Touch screen display, temperature curve, water temperature alarm, furnace temperature, mechanical action, frequency control and other visualization operations are easy to learn.

5.Using pinch roller feeding method for more uniform and reliable feeding.

6. Energy saving more than 10%, harmonic pollution is very small.

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 PLC remote console for sucker rod quenching furnace

The system can record, save, inquiry and print the production parameters including heating temperature, production capacity and power supply running parameters etc. According to technical requirements, the system will automatically record and analysis the parameters changes and predict fault and alarm. Remote control the whole system and automatically generate various reports to achieve the traceability of the production process. vistingcompany

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