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Quenching furnace for pipe

Quenching furnace for pipe


Material 45C-TS & 42CrMo
Bar size ø17-28 mm
Bar length 900-1167mm
Control system PLC control

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Knowing quenching parameters of various kinds of pipes, Forever quenching furnace for pipe has already been running well in many users’ plant. Customized design, perfect temperature control makes Forever quenching furnace for pipe become the first brand in China. Welcome to send us inquiry ! Our quenching furnace for pipe is available for seamless pipe, stainless pipe, oil casing pipe, welded pipe etc.

Site case for Quenching furnace for pipe

Product name Quenching furnace for pipe
Brand Forever
Material 45C-TS & 42CrMo
Pipe diameter ø80-120 mm
Pipe length 8000-12000mm
Control system PLC control
Process Quenching 
Power required KGPS-500KW/4000HZ

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Closed-loop temperature control system for quenching furnace for pipe

During pipe quenching heat treatment process, heating temperature is the most important key because it will affect the pipe infrastructure, hardness  and so on.

Forever adopts closed-loop temperature control system to monitor and adjust the heating temperature inline. We set one set of infrared thermometer at the port of discharging port of induction heater, it will real time show heating temperature. If the temperature is too low or too high, the infrared thermometer will send a signal to the heating power supply, the power supply will adjust heating temperature through adjusting corresponding power. This temperature control system make sure the pipe quenching quality fundamentally.

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The features for Quenching furnace for pipe

●  Quenching furnace for pipe adopts Forever new design and energy saving generator with very small pipe deformation.

●   Fast heating can make the pipe obtain required temperature in a very short period of time, so that there is very small oxidation skin.

●   According to request for quenching depth and hardness, our induction quenching furnace can adjust the working power and frequency to meet users’ requirement.

●   Easier to achieve mechanization and automation, controlled by PLC man-machine interface, which can save labor and increase production efficiency.

●   Easy to use, simple operation, can start or stop at any time.

●  Support automatic & manual operation.Support 24 hours continuous work.

●  Equip with United States Raytek double color infrared thermometer, real-time display heating temperature.

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