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Aluminum Bar Induction Heating Furnace

Aluminum Bar Induction Heating Furnace


1.Induction heating power supply : DSP+IGBT ,Intelligent induction heating power supply,saving energy and no pollution.

2.Process monitoring screen and Data logging and Archiving

3.Non-standard Product:Customized design and production.

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Aluminum Bar Induction Heating Furnace for heating aluminum material 

Aluminum bar induction heating furnace  is used for heating the aluminum bar in short time before extrusion. YuanTuo company manufacture the customized aluminum bar heating furnace  to meet your different production needs.

Aluminum bar induction heating equipment

Characteristics of the aluminum bar induction heating furnace:

1. High heating speed and less oxidation removal.

2. High degree of automation operation to improve working efficiency. 

3.Unmatched temperature uniformity.

4.High energy efficiency

5.Enhanced productivity

6. Simple to replace the induction furnace.

7. Full protection sets.

8. Clean and environmental,no pollution.

Service for the aluminum bar induction heating furnace:

Before sales:

Our professional technical team recommend the right machine or customized the special equipment as customer’s requirement .We also supply the free induction heat treating equipment solution.

Service during the production:

During equipment production, checking the equipment quality and take photos or  video for customer checking.

After -sales service:

We will send technical workers to customer’s factory to install and adjust machine and supply the technical documents.

Our company also supply all life-time equipment maintenance service.coucustomer vistingcompany

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