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Gear Induction Heating Furnace

Gear Induction Heating Furnace


1.Induction heating power: DSP+IGBT ,Intelligent induction heating power,saving energy ,no pollution.

2.Process monitoring screen, 

3.Data logging and Archiving.

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Gear Induction Heating Furnace 

With the development of the automobile industry and machinery industry , we can find the gears everywhere. About  the gears production , a gear induction heating furnace is an indispensable part. Forever company focused on the induction heating equipment more than 12 years to supply you with quality gear induction heating furnace products.

The advantages of the gear induction heating furnace

1.Saving  power.

2.External auxiliary facilities investment will reduce about  75%. And the equipment own unique cooling cycle system to ensure  the equipment 24 hours continuous work.

3.Large gear induction heating equipment small size , light weight, easy to move, no danger of high voltage, safe operation. High reliability, simple and convenient maintenance. Owning the over current, over current, over heat, lack of phase, water shortage and other self protection function.

4.Frequency automatic tracking, power adjusting regulation. The worker only need 10 minutes can learn how to operate the equipment.

5.Easy installation.

How to choose the suitable gear induction heating equipment?

The following  factors should be consider:

1.The size of the gear .
Large size gear should be used in relatively high power and low-frequency induction heating furnace.The small size gear should choose the relatively small power and high frequency induction heating furnace.

2.The required heating depth and area  of  the gear.
Heating depth deep, large area and the whole gear heating then should use the  high power and low-frequency induction heating furnace; Heating shallow depth,small area and the  gear local heating then should adopt the  relatively small power, high-frequency induction heating furnace.

3.The beating speed.
Required heating  fast  then the power should be used large power and high frequency induction heating furnace relatively .

4.The furnace continuous  working time. Continuous  working long hours, selecting the relative large power induction heating furnace.

5. The gear  material.
A high melting point metal material will chose the large power.coucustomer vistingcompany

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