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Induction Heating System

Induction Heating System


1.Induction heating power: Intelligent induction heating power,saving energy and no pollution.

2.Process monitoring screen.

3.Data logging and Archiving.

4.Non-standard Product:Customized design and production.

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Induction Heating System for Bar,Pipe & Billet

The fully automatic induction heating system is Forever company special design and manufacture for  the billet and bars forging forming,Our company is one of the industry experts in the domestic induction heating field.Our fully automatic induction heating system  makes it possible to employ a standby function that keeps the billet at temperature, ready to start forging immediately.

Induction Heating Equipment for rolling

The main features and technical data for the Fully Automatic Induction Heating System for Forging Forming:

●Power supply system: Double rectifier twelve pulse KGPS 1600 KW / 500 Hz intelligent IF power supply.

● Material storage system: Using thick-walled square tube welded into the material storage platform; the slope is 13 degree; 6-8 pieces is available to store.

● Feeding system:Double pinch roll pneumatic pressure, continuous feeding, stepless variable speed regulation for the feeding speed.  

● Discharging system: Air-hydraulic intensifying jar, linear guide, chuck and PLC system make up quick discharging manipulator.

● Sorting system: Including infrared thermometer, chain transmission and guide cylinder.

● IPC system: Powerful functions including record and display the current working parameters and status, material parameters memory, storage, memory, forging equipment fault, power down automatically and maintain constant temperature and so on.

● Energy transformation : The power consumption is 310-330 KW/H for heating steel to 1050℃.

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