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Long Bar Heating Equipment

Long Bar Heating Equipment


1.Induction heating power: intelligent DSP+IGBT  induction heating power,saving energy and no pollution.

2.Process monitoring screen and Data logging and Archiving

3.Application: Heating for many kinds of length metal parts.

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Long Bar Heating Equipment for carbon steel induction heating

Long bar heating equipment is professional produced by Forever company.The equipment  adopt the unique coil design, focused on the experience of hundreds of inductor  design and advanced technology and making from high quality materials to achieve the efficient work best matching.

Long bar heating

Some features of the long bar heating equipment:

Application: Continuous heating  

Heating Part: long bar, threaded rod

Part Length: 1000-14000 mm

Material: Carbon steel, alloy steel

The long bar heating equipment storage:

1 The water of the cooling system should be discharged out when storage the equipment.

2 The storage room with out corrosive gas should be dry and clean.The air in this room should be straightway without dirt and the relative humidity should be less than 85%. No sun exposure or rain.  

3 When the equipment arrives to your factory, kindly check whether it is the same with the dispatch bill,if not matching ,please contact with us to correct.

Forever company specialized in producing all kinds of induction heating equipment and related products.Such as the long bar heating equipment,steel pipe induction heat treatment equipment and steel ball production equipment so on.Please feel free to contact with us. our company will try our best to supply you the good quality and service.

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