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Long bar induction electric heating hardening furnace

Long bar induction electric heating hardening furnace


Product name long bar heating hardening furnace
Brand Yuantuo
Application Heating before steel bar or forging

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Hebei Forever electromechanical-advanced induction steel rod hardener at home and abroad produces high-tech enterprises and produces higher quality induction hardener with lower cost, Our long bar hardening furnace with simple and efficient operation makes your work more valuable. Free for users to provide if steel rod heating furnace scheme and quotation!

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The steel rod induction hardening furnace has high performance and stable characteristics:

1.adopting IGBT AC frequency conversion speed regulating drive system, which can completely meet the regulation requirements, low cost, simple structure and reliable operation. It is easy to maintain.

2. Steel rod induction quenching equipment uses double IGBT ultra-audio induction heating power supply, uses 20KHZ to raise temperature near Curie point, further raises temperature with 50KHZ, and reaches quenching temperature. Improve the reliability and stability of the system.

3. All induction heating system and transmission system of induction hardener of steel bar are controlled by PLC, induction heating system adopts output voltage closed loop control, transmission system adopts speed closed loop control, To ensure that the transmission speed of the mechanical subdivision and the output power of the induction heating part remain constant.

4. the technology of classified storage of process parameters is used to ensure that each product of the same specification is produced under the same technological conditions.

5 .the induction hardening furnace  for steel bars adopts temperature compensation technology, Eliminating the influence of temperature fluctuation on Product quality.

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