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Slab Induction Heating Equipment

Slab Induction Heating Equipment


1.Applications:Heating for all kinds of slabs.

2.Process monitoring screen .

3.Data logging and Archiving.

4.Non-standard Product:Customized design and production.

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Slab Induction Heating Equipment for Slab & plate heating before forging

The slab induction heating equipment was produced by FOREVER company which is well-know for high products quality and the good service.Our company’s slab induction heating equipment  is mainly used to heat and heat treatment for the steel slab, copper slab and  aluminum slab which the thickness is 3-15 mm.The equipment  can achieve single part heating ,part continuous heating and local heating of the part.

Slab induction heating furnace

The main features of the slab induction heating equipment:

(1) The thick slab usually adopt the high frequency  to induction heating then achieve the  rapid heating.

(2) High efficiency: The total efficiency of> 80%.

(3) Heating very fast, the temperature can reach to  300 ℃ every second.It means that  300 ℃ / 1S.

(4) No need preheating before the production, which saves energy and better for  organization the production.

(5)The equipment is environmental without the smoke pollution.

The service for the slab induction heating equipment:

1.Our company has a full-service team to responsible for the full-time services for the clients all the time.Our after-sales service has become institutionalized, procedures and standardization.

2.For the  user’s requirements and equipment problems which need the on-site treatment, our repair worker will arrive at the customers’ work shop within 24-48 hours to make sure the on-site quality assurance services.

3.Regular visit the user all the time to process the problems and learn the views and needs of the users’.

4.For new equipment put into working, do the telephone interviews half month to  grasp the product quality information.coucustomer vistingcompany

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