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Steel Ball Production Equipment

Steel Ball Production Equipment


1.Induction heating power: DSP+IGBT ,Intelligent induction heating power.

2.Process monitoring screen and Data logging and Archiving.

3.Application:Special for steel ball production. Nonstandard and Customization Equipment.

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Steel Ball Production Equipment for 20-150mm steel balls

For steel ball production equipment,the induction heating furnace  and the rolling mill  are the necessary essential component.
Forever company has produced many steel ball production equipment which are working in their factories. The power of the above equipment from 160KW to 2500KW and  the frequency is 500Hz-8000Hz.The heating steel bar diameters from  Ø19 to Ø150, and length of the steel bar is not limited.Our steel ball production equipment can achieve the closed-loop PLC automatic control heating production lines  according with customer’s need.

In 2009 ,Forever company produced the first self-developed with 2500KW continuous hot rolling ball  production  equipment in China.

Steel ball hot rolling

The ball production equipment which designed and manufactured has the following features:
(1)Hardening and Induction heat treatment temperature is automatically control, to ensure the hardening quality ;

(2) Rolls automatic rewind function,  guarantee rolls from damage;

 (3)Red hot steel bar is fed between two rolls which own special spiral type roll is rotated and advanced, and  continuously rolled into a ball. Each steel ball mill can  rolled  balls about 40 to 120 per minute.

(4) Red hot rolled steel  ball were put into the online heat treatment equipment immediately, after the hardening  - tempering  treatment to make the ball get high and uniform hardness.

Forever company’s steel ball mill  has the following characteristics after many innovative designed:
(1) Rolling ball machine adopt semi-enclosed frame, and the good quality  frame;

(2) It is easy to adjust and operate;

(3)The mill was firmly locked, and high stability;

(4) The guides replacement is simple, quick and efficient to provide a guarantee for the ball rolling production lines stable, efficient and high quality operation.

(5) Without the electric mill side pressure adjustment device to make it more easy replace rollers and  roll high precision products.coucustomer vistingcompany

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