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Hot Rolling Steel Ball Production Equipment

Hot Rolling Steel Ball Production Equipment


1.Induction heating power: DSP+IGBT ,Intelligent induction heating power.

2.Process monitoring screen and Data logging and Archiving.

3.Application:Special for steel ball production. Nonstandard and Customization Equipment

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Hot Rolling Steel Ball Production Equipment for 20-150 mm steel balls

Established in 2004,Forever company is one of  the technological innovation enterprises which involved in hot rolling steel ball production equipment.

Hot rolling steel ball production

The main production process of  hot rolling steel ball production equipment  as follows:

When hot rolling steel ball, the suitable steel bar to roll steel ball should be heat to 850 ~ 1100 DEG C  first,  then the heated steel bar was sent into skew rolling mill to roll.

(1) The round steel bar after  the testing will be shear into  a steel ball billet according to the length.

(2) The steel ball blank should be heated to the proper temperature in the continuous induction heating furnace before rolling.

(3) The reddest  billet were fed into the skew rolling mill,  rotate and move forward  between the two rolls with special helical holes.Then the steel bars were  rolled into  balls continuously.

(4) The reddest ball finished rolling were entered  online induction heat treatment equipment which our  factory special designed immediately for hardening and tempering, so the steel ball to obtain very high and uniform hardness.

Common causes of failure and solutions for  the hot rolling steel ball production equipment :

1. If no response from button on console and “Power on” light can’t be on, please check whether the main wire of  380 v three-phase has been connected or not.

2.If no response from button on console and “power on” light can’t be on , please check the 2P air breaker in the control cabinet.

3.If  there is” ######” in the value box on the touch screen, and no response when you operate the screen, please check the wire connection between the touch screen and PLC is good or not .Also check whether the indicator lights of PLC modules turn to red or yellow.

4.If there is no response to the parameters of console meters  and touch panel, please check whether you press the remote button , control switch and main switch on console ).

5.If the DC voltage, DC current on the console can’t continue to increase after pressing the “start” button , please check whether there is any fault in the power cabinet.coucustomer vistingcompany

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