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Steel Billet Reheating Equipment

Steel Billet Reheating Equipment


1.Induction heating power: DSP+IGBT ,Intelligent induction heating power,saving energy 10%-15% ,no pollution.

2.Process monitoring screen and Data logging and Archiving

3.Application:Heat Treatment and Heating for many kinds of metal parts,no matter the part size.

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Steel Billet Reheating Equipment for billet induction reheating

Steel billet reheating equipment  is used for the steel billet reheating in the steel billet production process.The steel billet  reheating equipment play a important role in the steel billet production.

Processing Technology and Technical Parameters of the steel billet reheating equipment:

 1.Steel billet dimension:60mm×60mm×30004000)mm

 2.Steel billet Max. Camber before sending to the furnace:≤4mm/M

3.Steel billet tapping temperature: 1100℃.In order to increase heating efficiency and reduce the heating billet length,the tapping temperature difference between the surface and the core ≤70℃; Usually the the temperature difference will reduce to 40℃ below when the billet is transmitted to the rolling mill.

steel billet reheating

4.Surface temperature of Steel billet before charging the furnace: ≥1000℃, the core temperature ≥350℃.

5.Steel billet heating capacity:25t/h.

6.We calculated as the following base: the billet surface temperature is 1000,the core temperature is 350.Heating every tons of steel billet will cost electricity 150 degrees if we warm up the billet to 1100℃. Design: 4000KW power which consists of two sets of 12-pulse power cabinets of 2000KW.

7.Equipped with United States Raytek infrared temperature measurement devices in the inlet and outlet of the furnace.

8.Water cooling carrier roller :Non-magnetic stainless steel

9.Control for heating process: PLC automatic control for the whole heating process and show the production records such as the  number of billet heating and so on.

10.Variable frequency speed regulation range(practical range)(8.00-20.00meter/minute

After-sales Service Commitment:

1.Responsible for installment,adjustment free of charge and provide technical training for the technician and operators.

2.The quality guarantee for IF power cabinet is one year,and we provide long term technical service and spare parts support for our induction heating equipment.

3.After-sales service take the“1+2”model service.We will arrange one sales person and one after-sales person to serve you once you buy our equipment.

4.Provide the whole technical literature (including the electrical circuit drawing) when delivery the equipment.

5.Our company promises that we will arrive at the clients’ company soon since we received your call (Arrival within 5 days for the countries  no need visa). 

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